Dear Self Publisher Get Over Yourself

Get Over Yourself

“I am self-publishing my book.”

Repeat that line to yourself over and over and over again.

If you’re like me, you may have serious reservations about self-publishing.

You might die a little inside when you have to explain to a friend that, no, Harper Collins isn’t publishing your book – you are.

You may have to come to terms with the fact that self-publishing means self-promotion.

You have to become comfortable talking about your book. A lot.

You have to realize that self-publishing means you’re going to do something wrong.

And self-publishing means you get enormous opportunities to learn.

The reason I chose to self-publish my YA fantasy novel, Re’and, is because I cared more about sharing the story than being ‘picked’ by a publisher. Care more about your readers than yourself. Care more about the work than your ego.

Tweet: “Care more about your readers than yourself. Care more about the work than your ego.” @mrsbnjcwilson

Today’s big idea? Create a great product, package it well, share it around, and get over yourself. (And know that I looked in the mirror when I wrote this post.)

Write A Book

The first step to self-publishing a book is to write a book.


Be amazed.

It’s been estimated that over 200 million Americans say they want to write a book. If that’s so, odds are you want to write a book. Do you know the single difference between writers who have authored a book and writers who haven’t? A book.

My little book was forged in the study halls of 8th grade. It’s been a long time coming. Whether you take 9 years or 9 weeks to write your book, the best way you can be a step ahead of 200 million other book-writing hopefuls is to show up and do the work.

My first post in this 31 Days series is purposefully short. I want you to focus on writing. In that spirit I’ve linked my favorite writing resources to help spur your creativity. You can totally do this!

Start writing!



Stop reading this post!

(Well, keep reading if you want to check out some helpful writer resources.)

writing resources

My Favorite Writing Resources

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
*Friends have been telling me for aaaaages about this book. Don’t wait as long as I did to read it. 

Jeff Goins, Writer Podcast

Denise J. Hughes

Amy Lynn Andrews

My Writing Pinterest Board

HubSpot’s Blog Content Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

31 Days to Self-Publishing a Book

If you’re a writer like me (yes that was weird to say but I’m trying to own it), I bet you appreciate readers. I know I do! I love my readers. And whether you have 5 or 5,000 readers, they deserve your best work. The best way to produce your best work is to write your little heart out, edit, and rewrite as often as you can. That’s what my last 31 Days project was all about creating creative content.

This year I’m going to explore one option to get our content into the hands of readers – self-publishing.

31 Days to Self-Publishing A Book

In 31 Days to Self-Publishing a Book I’m using myself as a bit of a guinea pig. You see, I wrote this book (another weird thing to say) that I want to share with my readers. Self-publishing has piqued my interest in recent months as a viable way to put work on the market. I want to learn about how self-publishing works and how writers, like you and I, can self-publish well.

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In my life I tend to jump first and think later. It’s just how I roll. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And I’ve found that jumping-then-thinking isn’t so reckless when done with accountability. In that caviler spirit, I’m going to take the plunge into self-publishing and invite you to watch me learn. Hopefully my experience will give you an idea of what works, what doesn’t, and how you might present your next book to your readers.

Truly, I’m honored you are following along!

31 days To Self-Publishing A Book


You Have Influence (But You’re Not The Point)


This year, my blog has reached more people than I ever thought it would. And it’s not because of anything I’ve done. I logged on and I wrote. God brought the increase. Bleeding onto the screen isn’t necessarily fun, but I can’t help myself. Being honest with you is a way I make much of Jesus. Truthfully, the one person I should want to hide my junk from already knows. He already took care of it. Don’t stare too long at my brokenness, see Christ shining through the holes.

I don’t have to look at my blog stats to know there’s been growth. I can feel it. I can feel it when friends from years gone by reach out to tell me they’ve been enjoying my posts. I can sense it when acquaintances in my small town stop me and thank me for writing. I have an idea when a buddy jokingly tells me she prays for nights in the trenches so I have more material. I know it when I connect with real people in meaningful ways. And I’m beyond overwhelmed. I’m completely humbled.

I’ve learned this year that if you have an online presence, you have influence.

And I believe that our online lives count.

But we’re not the point.

Which is why I joined The Influence Network.

THE INFLUENCE NETWORK is for creatively minded women, who are looking for an uplifting community where they can be encouraged and also resourced to make their online lives MEAN SOMETHING.

I get that.

My life will only mean something if I exalt Christ. I am growing to love this community of women who have committed to heralding the Gospel through their diverse talents on the Internet. If The Influence Network sounds like something you want to join, click here! (And, I should say, this is *not* an affiliate link. I just really love what the gals at Influence are doing.) 

Yes, you have influence.

No, you’re not the point.

However it looks for you, make your online life count by knowing “nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” (1 Corinthians 2:2)


From the trenches, with love

From the Trenches, With Love

Dear Mama,

Could we trade war stories?

Last night, the fighting on my front reached a fever pitch. In the thick of it, I sent up a  flare signal:

“I don’t usually post updates like this, but would y’all please pray for Carson, Ben, and I? She has been inconsolable tonight, screaming and crying like nobody’s business. It’s painful for everyone. Tonight has been a very dark one for me, there’s a spiritual battle raging. If you would, please pray for peace and rest for all of us.”

My sweet girl wasn’t to blame. She couldn’t help her tired body or her aching stomach. But as her cries grew more frantic, I felt myself losing patience. Losing gentleness. Losing grace. Losing ground.

The Enemy’s war cry was deafening:

Doesn’t this just infuriate you? Why would God put you in this position? What kind of mother are you? You can’t even comfort your little girl. You are helpless to calm her cries. You’re getting angry at an 8 month old. And you thought you were becoming a godly mom. Just look at you. Be selfish. Be self-entitled. You can’t handle this challenge. If only you could live your life without anyone else in your way. You would be so much happier. You would be so much better off. What a mess you’ve gotten yourself into.

He snarled those threats in my ear, and worse.

My soul was in his sights. Shots were fired. Bombs exploded. I was caught in the crosshairs. It looked like the devil’s work. It smelled like sulfur.

From the Trenches, With Love

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