Hello What Works

I’m saying hello to what works.

Goodbye old filing systems that other people created.

Hello simple notebook and pen. That works for me.

Goodbye complicated scheduling systems.

Hello old timey day planner. That works for me.

Goodbye 6am alarm clock.

Hello waking up when I feel rested. That works for me.

Goodbye morning devotionals.

Hello nighttime devotionals. God is in the evening, too.

Goodbye what doesn’t work.

Hello what does.

Have new beats been added to the rhythms of your life? Feeling like you’ve suddenly got two left feet? Might I suggest we stop looking at the dance of others and start choreographing our own? That works for me.

Guest Post & All The Announcements

ourhouseinthemiddleofourstreetJust a note to let y’all know that I’m posting over at Our House In The Middle of Our Street today, sharing a few thoughts about home and where we belong. Sarah and I met via blogging (she’s not an axe murder, I promise!) and we’ve really enjoyed connecting. So catch me over there today and poke around a bit. You also may enjoy her second blog, The Well-Read Sleepyhead,  a children’s book review site.

Also, with the upcoming debut of Re’and, I now have an author page. Visit my new digs at

And speaking of Re’and, it is currently available for preorder on Amazon.comSay whaaaaaaaaat!? Yep! Keep your eyes on the horizon, folks. I’ve committed to a release date of October 30th. Remember you can grab sneak preview if you sign up for my mailing list by this weekend!

That’s all!

Read a Chapter of Re’and + a Special Offer!

Hey y’all. I promise I won’t do many of these shameless self-promotion posts, but would you indulge me?

As I feverishly work through edits to my upcoming YA fantasy novel, Re’and, I’ve been dying to bring you into the story.

What better way to bring you into the story than to let you read part of the story?

This weekend I will send out a sample chapter of Re’and to everyone on my mailing list.

Read a chapter of Re'and the book

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You can unsubscribe at anytime (of course I hope you don’t!) and I absolutely promise to never use your information in creepy ways (that would be super lame!)

For those who are willing review the book on their blog, I’m putting together a pretty sweet thank you gift. It’s a win-win!

In summary, this post has two action items:

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